Becoming a Partner

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Becoming a Partner

Sikoyo offers to companies a range of products including: consulting sale, and rental of modular buildings.
Sikoyo answers in an innovative way to the future entrepreneurs who, passionate by the corporate service, wish to invest into this activity, or to complete their own business. With 6 partners confirmed or on their way to be, the Sikoyo network development is expanding.
We offer to people with the commercial, financial and technical abilities, the possibility to represent Sikoyo in the zones of dynamic activity in Africa and shortly worldwide.
The Sikoyo service
The Sikoyo support provided to partners is modeled on the requirement in terms of customer service.

The contract allows the future partners to:

  • • use Sikoyo’s name
  • • access the Brand image rights
  • • have skill training
  • • sale and rent the products
  • • support and follow-up of project managers
  • • have permanent assistance

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